Bishop Monforton 2018 Lenten Message

“Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear.” (Mk 4:9)

Jesus has given us a sacred directive: we have received the message of our redemption in his Paschal Mystery and we should respond accordingly.  This Lenten Season should amplify our response to hearing Jesus’ words which followed the Parable of the Sower.  How do we go about in our response? 

We have been given by God the Three Pillars of the Lenten Season, namely: Prayer, Almsgiving, and Fasting.  These Pillars do not simply prepare us to climb that Easter Mountain called Lent, but they prepare us for the eternal Jerusalem, the kingdom of God.  We recall how Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights prior to his public ministry.  The question is proposed to us, what will you and I do this Lenten season to prepare for the great celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection?  Whatever penance we choose will not simply provide peace between us and neighbor, but will also create peace within our very selves..