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 Welcome to Archives and Records!

     The Diocese of Steubenville Archives was established around 2005 and has grown significantly throughout the past twelve years both in size and in content. The archives is the official repository for diocesan records and artifacts and holds a substantial collection of historically and culturally significant documents and objects concerning not only the Diocese of Steubenville and its parishes, but also the history of Catholicism in Eastern Ohio. Records date back to around the 1830s, when the area was still part of the Diocese of Columbus before breaking away in 1944, to the present day.

     As the official Archive for the Diocese of Steubenville, our mission is to preserve the historical documents and artifacts that represent the Catholic heritage of parishes, schools, and people within the Diocese. We also strive to educate the public on the history of the Diocese in order to encourage a stronger faith and interest in the Catholic experience in Eastern Ohio. To uphold our mission, the Archive will:

  1. Document the role of priests, lay people, religious men and women, and Catholic institutions that have been instrumental for the formation and administration of the Diocese
  2. Allow individuals to have access to our records for genealogical and historical research
  3. Share historical information to incite in local Catholics a sense of interest and excitement for their Catholic faith and Diocese
  4. Collect all records concerning the Diocese and preserve these records so that they will be available for future generations


Archive Services

Archive services are available to diocesan administrative offices, pastors, and parishes. Genealogical research requests, as well as other requests, are accepted via our online forms. However, as a closed repository, all research requests will be carried out by an archives staff member (please see our Archives Policy document for further information).

Collections include:

School Records and Transcripts

Sacramental Records

Parish Histories

Bishop Collections

Steubenville Register Newspapers,

Audiovisual Media and Photographs



Emily Teachout, MLIS - Archivist

Pat Coyle - Volunteer / Genealogy Researcher

Lisa Stetson - Microfilm Scanner



Contact Information:

Located in the Chancery Building:
422 Washington Street
PO Box 969
Steubenville Ohio 43952-5969

Phone: 740-282-3631