Bishop Conlon Dec 04

Steubenville Task Force Statement 12/17/04





Great progress is being made toward completing a plan of pastoral action for the Catholic Church in the City of Steubenville.  I am grateful to the Steubenville Task Force for its hard work over the past year and a half.


On November 1, the task force submitted its preliminary plan to me, and on December 13 I met with the task force to offer my reactions.  Over the next few months the task force and its committees (education and formation, family life and ministry, liturgy, new evangelization, social justice and ecumenical) will continue to flesh out the statements of principle contained in the preliminary plan.  They will concentrate on proposing specific programs, personnel and facilities that will help the Church provide the best possible presence in the City of Steubenville.


The goal is to have a completed plan by June 1, 2005.  Various components of the plan will be implemented gradually.


Although there is much interest in the configuration of parishes, the work of the task force is far more comprehensive.  The strength and effectiveness of the Church is the real heart of this effort.  I renew my call to our people to raise up the work of the task force in their prayers. 



December 17, 2004