Bishop Conlon Statement July 05

Bishop Conlon Statement on Father Anthony Jablonowski - 07/29/2005


Jablonowski unable to act as priest

STEUBENVILLE — Father Anthony Jablonowski, who had been serving a 15-month to seven-year jail sentence in Wyoming because of "immoral or indecent acts" with a minor, has been released from jail and has returned to a farm in Waterford, where he had resided.

In a statement, Bishop R. Daniel Conlon said he "had no definitive knowledge of Jablonowski’s release from prison and his move to the farm in

Waterford until July 22. He became aware of the situation when

Jablonowski telephoned him at the chancery.

"Bishop Conlon has made it clear all along that Jablonowski was to have no association with the Carmelite Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, nor to reside on their property (in Waterford).

"Furthermore, in accord with the national and diocesan regulations, Jablonowski has been convicted of sexually abusing a minor and may not present himself as a priest, wear clerical attire, or carry out any kind of church ministry, including the celebration of the sacraments for other people.

"Also in accord with the national norms, Jablonowski’s case was referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome on July 18, 2003. So far no response from the congregation has been received concerning Jablonowski’s long-term status in the church.

"The faithful of the Catholic Church are free to establish associations among themselves for spiritual purposes. The Carmelite Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (CMMI) is one such association. It has no official status in the church although there has been communication between Bishop Conlon and the CMMI."