Bishop Conlon June 06

Statement concerning former
Father Anthony T. Jablonowski
from the Diocese of Steubenville


Pope Benedict XVI has determined and issued a decree on April 07, 2006 that the Rev. Anthony T. Jablonowski has been dismissed from the clerical state.  This decision was communicated to Bishop R. Daniel Conlon of the Diocese of Steubenville by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


In turn, Bishop Conlon  communicated this decision of the Holy Father to Anthony Jablonowski on June 13, 2006.


Jablonowski is no longer considered to be a member of the clergy and as such cannot exercise any priestly functions or present himself as a priest.  He currently resides in Washington County, Ohio.


On Friday, April 17, 2004, the Diocese of Steubenville received information that Anthony Jablonowski agreed to a plea of guilty for “immoral or indecent acts” with a minor in Wyoming and received a 15 month to seven year sentence.  In accord with Church Law, Bishop Conlon reported the matter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.


The decision of the Holy Father is final and there is no appeal to this decision.




June 16, 2006