Bishop Conlon May 09

Deanery realignment - Coronation & Annunciation


In accordance with the prescriptions of the Code of Canon Law, having consulted the Presbyteral Council and having heard from the Deanery Pastoral Councils, I hereby combine the territories of Annunciation and Coronation Deaneries and formally erect a new deanery. The new deanery will be known as Mother of Hope Deanery and will comprise the following parishes and missions in Carroll, Harrison and Jefferson Counties:
Carroll County Parishes
Carrollton, Our Lady of Mercy
Malvern, St. Francis Xavier
Minerva, St. Gabriel
Morges, St. Mary
Harrison County Parishes
Cadiz, St. Teresa of Avila
Hopedale, Sacred Heart
Freeport, St. Matthias (Mission)
Jefferson County Parishes
Amsterdam, St. Joseph
Mingo Junction, St. Agnes
Richmond, St. John Fisher
Steubenville, Holy Family
Steubenville, Triumph of the Cross
Steubenville, St. Peter
Toronto, St. Francis of Assisi
Toronto, St. Joseph
Wintersville, Blessed Sacrament
Wintersville, Our Lady of Lourdes
            This decree becomes effective July 1, 2009.
            Signed and dated this 15th day of May in the year of Our Lord 2009:
                                                                            Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon                                                                                                               
                                                                               Bishop of Steubenville
                       Mrs. Linda A. Nichols