Bishop Monforton 03/17/13 Statement on Steubenville Alleged Rape Case

03/17/2013 - Bishop Monforton Statement on Steubenville Alleged Rape Case


In recent months, the Steubenville community has attracted local and national interest in a context no community desires. However unwelcome, we cannot and should not ignore our attention to these events and those involved. Because of the alleged rape, hurt, shame, and concern are abundant among all involved. Sides have been taken and emotions are visible for all to see. Our community is in need of justice and healing as best as can be determined by our civil means.
Silence has proven an ineffective salve to ease the pain and suffering of social or familial wounds. In these troubling days, self-reflection and prayer can be the most effective catalysts to guide our conduct and to nurture healing.  As members of the human family, let us place ourselves in God's presence, requesting him to guide all involved in this case and the entire community of Steubenville through his mercy and his healing love. God will not abandon us and only wishes that we remember to turn to him in this and in all difficult times.

Most Reverend Jeffrey M. Monforton
Bishop of Steubenville Ohio