Bishop Monforton 09/4/13

09/04/2013 Prayer and Fasting for Peace (Syria)


As we have been well aware of the escalating tensions and conflict in Syria and as images of victims from chemical attacks have been seared in our minds, Pope Francis has called for a time of prayer and fasting for peace in the region this Saturday from 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. I encourage all the faithful to join me in accepting Our Holy Father’s invitation to promote peace in a land so devastated by war.
We are well aware that constructive dialogue among all parties is essential and ultimately will benefit especially those who are caught in the midst of this civil war. I echo Pope Francis’ sentiments how we have witnessed firsthand the cruelty of war. Together, let us pray and fast for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East as they try to find hope. As fellow Christians may we turn to the one in whom is all hope, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.