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List of Catholic Schools in the Diocese




Here is a helpful guide provided by the Ohio Department of Education to understand the individual elements being assessed on the report card for Kindergarten students for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies:

A Standards Guide for Families: What Is Expected In Grade K


School Forms


Below is a list of various school forms in both Word and PDF format.  The forms in Word can be filled out electronically and then printed out to be signed and submitted.

Classroom Observation Form  Word  PDF
End of School Year Report-Principal  Word  
End of School Year Report-Teacher  Word  
End of School Year Report-Primary School  Word  
End of School Year Report-Secondary School  Word  
Field Trip Consent Form  Word  PDF
Form A: LPDC/IPDP Goal Sheet Word  
Form B: LPDC/IPDP Goal Sheet (for Permanent and Non-Tax
Supported Certificates)
Form C: LPDC Request for CEU Credit Word  
Form D: LPDC CEU Log Sheet  Word  PDF
Form E: Request for Signature/Licensure Approval Word  
Form F: PAP Request for Signature Word  
Form G: Pastor's Verification Word  
Form H-2: Principal's Evaluation - by Pastoral Administrator Word  
Form H-3: Principal's Evaluation - by Superintendent Word  
Opt Out of Safe Environment Training Program Form  Word  PDF
Overnight or Out of State Field Trip Form  Word  PDF
Principal’s Evaluation Form    PDF
Teacher Application Form  Word  PDF
Teacher Employment Checklist  Word  PDF
Tuition Reimbursement Application  Word  PDF
 Religious Educators Completion Signature Page    PDF