Closed Parishes and Missions

Anthony, Saint John’s (Lodi Township)
(Athens County)
Founded: 1885 This is the later designation of the mission known as Hull P.O.

Archer’s Settlement, Saint Michael (on Duck Creek)
(Washington County)
Founded: (approx.) 1841 (See Fox Settlement) 

Barton, Our Lady of Angels
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1895; Completed: 1902; New Church: 1953
Closed: Closed 8/31/03
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Batesville, Saint Mary (see Temperanceville, St. Mary and Beaver, St. Dominic)
(Noble County)
Saint Dominic, Beaver was replaced with a brick church called Saint Mary located in Batesville. 
Saint Mary’s was blessed in 1853 but the deed is dated 1855. 
This church was later replaced by the frame Saint. Mary Church, Temperanceville built in 1891. 
The deed there is dated 1897. 

Beaver, Saint Dominic (see Temperanceville, Saint Mary)
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1819; First Church: 1825; Closed: 1855 

Bellaire, Saint Michael
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1907; Completed: 1928; Renovated: 1975 Closed 3/22/09
Records can be found at Saint John Parish, Bellaire 

Belle Valley, Church of Ascension of Our Lord
(Belmont County)
(see Belle Valley, Corpus Christi)  

Belmont (Goshen Township)
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1871 Closed: 1884
Mission attended from Bellaire 

(Jefferson County) 

Bessemer, (York Township)
(Athens County)
Founded:1881 Closed:1882
Probably the present Buchtel 

Big Run (Rome Township)
(Athens County)
Founded:1876 Closed: 1882 

Black Fork, (about 15 miles from Pine Grove)
(Lawrence County)
Founded: (approximately) 1944; Closed: 1949 

Black Oak, Saint Peter
Founded: 1907; Closed: 1919 

Blaine, All Saints
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1950; Completed 1951; Closed: 6/29/03
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Bradley, Holy Cross (just south of Smithfield)
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1912; Closed: unknown 

Bloomingdale, Saint Thomas More
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 9/1/63; Closed 12/1/91
Records can be found at Saintt John Fisher Parish, Richmond, Ohio 

Bloomingdale, Saint Isadore
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1963 Closed:1963
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive.

Brilliant, Our Lady of Fatima
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1886  Closed: 1991
Attended from Toronto from 1886 to 1892 and from Mingo Junction after 1893. 
This station was later discontinued, but a parish, Our Lady of Fatima, was established in Brilliant in 1949;
Parish closed 1/1/91;
Baptismal records can be found at the diocesan archive; all other records at Saint Agnes, Mingo Jct. 

Buchtel, Saint Mary of the Hills
(Athens County)
(Formerly Saint Patrick, Buchtel and Saint Andrew, Nelsonville--parishes consolidated 12/1/90) 
Saint Patrick, Buchtel established 1871  Consolidated: 1990
See: Nelsonville, Saint Mary of the Hills
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Buckhorn (Decatur Township)
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1872 Sick calls were taken care of from Pine Grove.

Buffalo (Valley Township)
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1889 This is listed in 1889 as being a station with 20 school children and attended from Fulda.

Burkhart, Saint Joseph
(Monroe County)               
Founded: 1883; Competed: 1893; Closed: 7/1/09
Records can be founded at Saint Sylvester, Woodsfield

Burr’s Mills,
(Athens County)
Founded: 1885 
Attended from Batesville. This station continued after 1900 

(Athens County)
Founded: 1883 Closed: 1884 Attended from Batesville

Byesville, Holy Trinity
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1905; Rebuilt: 1917; New Church: 1973;  Closed: 7/1/09
Records can be found at Christ Our Light Parish Office, Cambridge

Caldwell, Saint Philomena (see Caldwell, Saint Stephen)
(Guernsey County) 

Cambridge, Saint Benedict
(Guernsey County)                    
Founded: 1897; Completed: 1910; Closed 7/1/09
Records can be found at Christ Our Light Parish Office, Cambridge

Cambridge (Salt Fork Lake), Visitation Chapel      
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1970; Closed: 4/25/83 

Canaan(s)ville, (Canaan Township)
(Athens County)
Founded: 1876 

Center Furnace & Center Station
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1872 Was attended two or three times annually from Pine Grove

Chapel Hill, Saint Joseph (aka Sunday Creek, Saint Francis of Assisi) (See Burkhart, Saint Joseph)
(Monroe County)
Founded: 1841; Closed: 1889

Chauncey, Our Lady of Sorrows
(Athens County)
Founded: 1850 – (**) The mission at Chauncey was attended over the years from Deavertown, Pomeroy, Chapel Hill and Logan.
Later discontinued and Saint Jude’s was established. 

Chauncey, Saint John the Baptist
(Athens County)
Founded:1843 Closed:1849 Attended from Deavertown, Perry County, for many years Chauncey was listed as Saint John the Baptist beginning in 1845. 
In 1849 there was a double listing: Saint John’s Chauncey and Saint John the Baptist, Athens County. 

Chauncey, Saint Jude
(Athens County)
Founded: 1965; Closed: 7/1/93 
Records can be found at Saint Paul Church, Athens, Ohio

Chauncey, Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin
(Athens County)
Founded (approx.): 1841; Closed: (approx.) 1875 

Clarington, Mission Station (aka Dilles Bottom)
(Monroe County)
Founded: 4/23/1963; Closed: (approx.) 1965 

(Noble County)
Founded: 1889 This mission had 40 children under instruction in 1889, and was attended from Fulda.

Coolville, Our Lady of Loretto Mission (see Tuppers Plains)
(Athens County)
Founded: 1876 Closed: 1882 

Cranes Nest Creek
(Monroe County),
Saints Peter and Paul
(Monroe County)
Founded: (approx.) 1841; Closed: (Approx.) 1869 

Crescent, Saint Elizabeth
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1951 Closed: 9/1/94
Records can be found at Saint Stanislaus Church, Maynard

(Washington County)
Founded: 1874 Closed: 1900’s This mission was attended from Marietta

Deandale, Saint Bernadette
(see Mingo Jct., Saint Bernadette)
(Jefferson County) 

Deavertown, Saint Barnabas, later known as Saint Michael the Archangel
(Morgan County)
Founded: 1822; Destroyed by fire: 1838; New Church: 1841, Closed: 1870;
Baptismal records found at Diocesan Archive 

Dellroy (See Sherrodsville)
(Carroll County) 

Dilles Bottom
(Monroe County)   (See Clarington, Mission Station) 

Dillonvale, Sacred Heart
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1904; Closed: 1918
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Doanville, (York Township)
(Athens County)
Founded:  1876 

Doherty’s Settlement (Crane’s Nest Creek)
(Monroe County) 
Founded: 1839 (See Crane’s Nest) 

Dunbar (Fairfield Township)
(Washington County)
Founded: 1870  Closed: 1894 For 25 years, beginning in 1870, Dunbar was attended from Marietta. 
In 1894 it was combined with other missions to form the little parish at Vincent. 

Dungannon, Sacred Heart (see Hopedale, Sacred Heart)
(Jefferson County) 

Dunglen (near Dillonvale)

Etna Furnace, Saint Mary 
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1851 Closed: 1861
Attended from Portsmouth.  Rev, John Joseph Rauch became pastor in 1853.

Etna Furnace, Saint Michael 
(Lawrence County) 
Founded: 1850 Attended from Portsmouth

Fairpoint, Saint Joseph
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1909; Completed: 1950; Closed: 1/2/15 

Fleming (Barlow Township)
(Washington County)
Founded: 1870  Closed: 1894 Fleming was attended from Marietta for 25 years beginning in 1870. 
In 1894, it became a part of Saint Ambrose, Vincent 

Floodwood, (York Township)
(Athens County)
Founded: 1883 Closed: 1897 

Flushing, Saint Paul
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1947; Completed: 1952; Closed: 6/30/2014 

Fox Settlement, Saint Patrick
(Washington County)
Founded: 1863; Closed: approximately 1946
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Gibson/Gibson Station, Saint Patrick (aka Leatherwood)
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1868; Closed: (approx.) 1883 (Wills Township)
This was another designation for Saint Patrick especially after it was moved to Gibson Station.

Gildea Chapel
(Guernsey County)
This designation was used for Saint Patrick especially after it was moved near Gibson Station.

Glen Robbins
(near Tiltonsville/Yorkville on Jefferson County/Belmont County line)

Glencoe, (Richland Township)
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1871 Closed: 1882 Attended from Bellaire

Goulds Station, Saint Mark (Near Mingo Jct.)
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 6/2/66; Closed: approximately 1969 

Graysville, aka Cranes Nest Creek, Saints Peter and Paul
(Monroe County)
Founded: (approx.) 1862 Closed: (Approx.) 1866 

Guysville, Saint John (also see Lodi)
(Athens County)
Founded: 1845; Destroyed by fire: 1965; New Church: 1967; Mission Closed: 7/1/93
Records can be found in the Diocesan Archive 

Hackney (aka Meigs Creek or Sherlock’s Settlement)

Hackney, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (see McConnelsville, Saint James the Greater)
(Morgan County)
Founded: (approx.) 1836 First Church dedicated: 1842 Closed: (approx.) 1943

Hammondsville, Nativity of Our Lord Mission    
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 8/15/1956; Closed: 5/2/1988 

Hammondsville, Saint James the Apostle
(Jefferson County)
Founded: Unknown; Closed: 1944 

Hanging Rock P.O. (Hamilton Township)
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1864 Closed: 1878 Mission attended from Ironton from 1864-1872

Hannibal, Hannibal Mission Station (see Saint John Bosco, Sardis)  
(Monroe County)
Founded: 1958; Closed: 1975 

(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1843 Closed 1845 This mission was attended from Steubenville for three years. 
It may have been the present town of Hanoverton in Columbiana County. 

(Guernsey County)
Founded: Unknown (was in 1950 DOMINA)
Closed: approx. 1968. This was a parish station of Holy Trinity, Byesville. 

Heckla Furnace (Upper Township)
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1865 Closed: 1868 This mission was attended from Ironton

Hull P.O., Saint John (Lodi Township),
(Athens Co)
Founded: 1876 Closed: 1884 This is the first designation of the mission known later as Saint Anthony.

Irondale (Saline Township)
(Jefferson County)
Founded:1874 Closed:1880 This mission was attended from Steubenville from 1874 to 1880. 

(Meigs County)
Founded: 1855 Closed: 1864 First listed as being located in Meigs County and was attended from Wilkesville. 
Then it was listed as being located in Jackson County with a new church being built. 
From 1860 – 1864 it was again listed as being located in Meigs County with Holy Name being the name of the church. 
Later it was listed as Holy Name Church and located in Jackson County 

Jewett, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(Harrison County)
Founded: 1966 Closed: 6/26/04 
Records can be found at Saint Teresa of Avila Parish in Cadiz

Lafferty, Saint Mary
(Belmont County)  
Officially closed 7/1/2014 Founded: 1917; Completed: 1919 Burned to the ground, 5/23/12; Closed: 5/23/14
70230 Church Street, Lafferty 
Records can be found at Saint Mary Church, Saint Clairsville

(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1883 Closed 1889 Attended from Steubenville

Leatherwood (formerly Saint Patrick, Gibson Station) 
Moved and rebuilt: 1867 Closed: 1930 

Little Hocking, Saint Mary of the River
(Washington County)
(also see Saint Ambrose, Belpre and Saint Ambrose, Vincent)
Founded: 1877; Closed: Around 1901 

Lodi, Saint Francis Xavier (Brown Twp)
(Carroll County)
Founded 1851 Closed: 1883 Located just east of Malvern, the present name of the parish.

Lodi; later, Guysville, Saint John
(Athens County)
Founded: 1845; Closed: 4/1/93

Long Bottom, Our Lady of Loretto Mission (aka Our Lady of Lourdes) 
(Meigs County)
Founded 1868 Closed: 1971 (moved to Tuppers Plains) 

Lore City, Saints Peter and Paul
(founded: 1922; Completed: 1923; Renovated: 1972; Consolidated: 2009 
Named an Oratory: 6/1/2014

(Washington County)
Founded: 1886   Closed: 1900’sThis mission in the northern part of Washington County was attended from Marietta beginning in 1886.

Malaga Township, Saint Joseph (see Miltonsburg)
(Monroe County)
Founded 1834 

Marges / Moregg / Marges (See Morges, Immaculate Conception) (Formerly: Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen)
(Carroll County)

Maynard, Saint Stanislaus
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1888; Completed: 1904; New Church: 1963; Closed 1/2/2015

(Washington County)
Founded: 1874  Closed: 1880 McClures was listed only from 1874 to 1880  It was cared for by the pastor at Marietta.

Mineral Point (See Morges, Immaculate Conception)

Mingo Junction, Annunciation
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1950; renovated: 1992; Destroyed by Fire: 1998 Parish Closed 7/3/98
Parish records can be found at Saint Agnes Church, Mingo Junction

Mingo Junction, Saint Bernadette
(Jefferson Co.)
Founded:10/13/49; Closed: 8/20/89 
Parish records can be found at Saint Agnes Church, Mingo Junction

Modoc, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Founded: 1921; Closed: 1957 

Murray City, Saint Philip Neri (Diocese of Columbus)
(Logan County, near Athens County
Founded: 1905; Closed: 1997

Napier (Fairfield Township)
(Washington County)
Founded: 1870 Closed: 1894 Napier was attended from Marietta for 25 years beginning in 1870. 
In 1894 it became a part of the parish at Vincent. 

Neffs, Sacred Heart

Founded: 1905; First Church: 1908; Destroyed by tornado: 1910; 
New Church: 1912; Renovated: 1995
Closed: 10/07/18

New Matamoras, Immaculate Conception (also see Fox Settlement) 
(Washington County)
Founded: October 1954; Closed: 4/25/80
Records can be found at Saint Sylvester, Woodsfield. 

(Washington County)
Founded: 1874 Closed: 1900’s This mission began in 1874 and was attended from Marietta. 
Discontinued in the 1900’s, it was more recently succeeded by a mission designated as Saint Luke (which has since been discontinued).

Newport, Saint Luke the Evangelist Mission
(Tuscarawas County, near Harrison County)
(Diocese of Columbus)
Founded: 1/5/66; Closed: 1968 

Old Union and Mount Vernon Furnace
(Lawrence County)  
Founded: 1872 Attended from Pine Grove

Old Washington, Saint Patrick
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1842; Completed: 1845  

Old Washington, Saint Martin de Porres
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 8/31/63; Closed: approx. 1966 

Orange Township, Saint John the Baptist
(near Athens County line/Pomeroy)
Founded: 1844  

Ozark, Immaculate Conception
(Monroe Coounty)
Founded: 1875; Closed: Approximately 1981 

Parlett, (from Saint Teresa, Cadiz)
(Jefferson County)

Pekin, Our Lady of North American Martyrs
(Jefferson County)
(See Steubenville, Our Lady of North American Martyrs)

Piedmont, Virgin Mary of the Lake Chapel
(Harrison County)
(Summer Mission) Founded: 1949; Closed: Approx. 1978-80

Piney Fork, Saint Therese of Liseaux
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1942; Completed: 1947; New Church: 1967; Closed: 6/26/05
Records can be found at Saint Casimir, Adena 

Pleasant City, Saint Mary
(Guernsey County)
Founded: Unknown (was in 1950 DOMINA) Closed: Approx. 1968   
This was a mission of Saint Benedict, Cambridge, and later Holy Trinity, Byesville, and was used for Mass and confessions occasionally.

Pleasant Grove, Saint Paul Mission House
(Belmont County) 
Founded: August 1957; Closed: Approx. 1961 

Pottery Addition, Saint Paul
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1954; Closed: 1/1/84
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Powhatan Point, St. John Vianney
Founded 1934; Completed: 1937; Renovated: 1966;1995
Closed: 10/06/18

Provident, Sacred Heart
Founded: 1911; Closed: Unknown 

Rainbow, Ave Maria (also see Waterford)
(Washington County) 
Founded: 1865; Closed: 10/12/19 

Robyville (near Dillonvale)

Sain Dominic
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1833  Closed: 1853 Mission was listed as “near Barnesville” in 1833-1835 and attended by
Fr. R. P. Miles, O.P., and Fr. C. P. Montgomery, O.P., of Zanesville 

Saint John the Baptist
(Meigs County)
Founded: 1854 Closed 1865 It was attended from Pomeroy

Saint Mary’s
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1854 Closed: 1856 Mission listed in Belmont County for 3 years.  In 1857 listed in Noble County.

Saint Peter’s
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1857  Closed: 1861 This mission was 9 miles distant from Etna Furnace and was attended from there.

Salt Fork, Salt Fork Lake Mission Visitation Chapel (Cambridge)
(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1970 Closed: 4/25/83 

Senecaville, Saint Andrew on the Lake Chapel
(Guernsey County)
(Summer Mission for Seneca Lake) Founded: 1952; Closed: 5/23/94
Records can be found at Saint Benedict Church, Cambridge 

Sheridan Coalworks, (Perry Township)
(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1872 Closed 1882 Attended from Ironton

Sherrodsville, Sacred Thirst
(Carroll County)
Founded: 1883; Destroyed by thunderstorm, 1899 or 1900; rebuilt: 1901; renamed Saint Francis of Assisi in 1902; Closed: Around 1943
Records can be found at Diocesan Archive

Smithfield, Our Lady Queen of Peace
(Jefferson County)
Founded 1948; Completed 1951; Closed 6/26/05
Parish records can be found at St. Casimir Church, Adena 

Steubenville, Our Lady of North American Martyrs
(Jefferson County)
Founded 1960; Blessed 1962 Parish Closed 11/24/02
Records can be found at the Diocesan Archive. 

Steubenville, Holy Rosary
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1947; Completed 1959; Renovated 1972; Closed:6/8/08
Records can be found at Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville 

Steubenville, Saint Anthony
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1906; Completed: 1910; Renovated: 1973; 1998  Closed: 6/8/08 
Records can be found at Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville 

Steubenville, Saint Pius the Tenth
(Jefferson County)
Founded 1955; Completed 1966;  Renovated 1985 Closed: 6/8/08
Records can be found at Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville

Steubenville, Servants of Christ the King Fellowship
(Jefferson County)
Founded: 1980 Parish Closed: 6/8/08  
Records can be found at Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville

Steubenville, Saint Stanislaus
(Jefferson County)
Founded 1905 Completed 1915 Renovated 1970; 1998 Parish closed: 6/8/08   
Records can be found at Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville.

Stewardsville, (Richland Township)
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1874 Attended from Bellaire

Stewarts, (Rome Township)
(Athens County) Founded: 1876

Stockport, Saint Anthony (aka St. James) Mission
(Morgan County)
(aka Windsor) Founded: 1858; Closed: (Approx.) 1880

Sunday Creek, Saint Francis
(Morgan County)
Founded: 1840 Closed: 1868 This mission was originally listed under Morgan County in 1840 and was attended from Somerset. 
In 1842 It was attended by Rev. Olivetti who also took care of Saint Barnabas, Deavertown. 
In 1851 it was listed as Saint Francis, Chapel Hill, Perry County. 

Superior, Saint Pius (from Saint Mary, Pine Grove)
(Lawrence County) 

Syracuse (Sutton Twp)
(Meigs County)
Founded: 1861 Attended from Pomeroy

Tappan Lake, Christ the King
(Harrison County)
Founded: 4/16/63; Closed: 5/2/94
Records can be found at Saint Teresa, Cadiz 

Tunnel Station
(Washington County)
Founded: 1883  Closed: 1900’s In 1883 Tunnel Station was under the care of the pastor at Marietta. 
It was discontinued in the 1900’s. 

Tuppers Plains, Our Lady of Loretto
(Meigs County)
Founded: 1973 Mission Clossed 7/1/93
Records at Sacred Heart Church, Pomeroy 

Union Township,  Ave Maria
(Washington County)
Founded: 1870  Closed: 1880 (See Churchtown, Rainbow) 
Partitioned in 1877, with parts going to Adams, Muskingum and Watertown Townships. 

(Lawrence County)
Founded: 1864 This is the designation given from 1891-1901 for the present parish of Saint Mary’s, Pine Grove, which was first listed in 1864.

Vincent, Saint Ambrose
(Washington County) Saint Vincent Founded: 1894 Consolidated 1992
Consolidated with St. Ambrose, Belpre; see Little Hocking listing in parish section.

Walhonding, Saint Mary
(Guernsey County)
See Pleasant City In 1931, Fr. Aloysius Soukup purchased a house in Walhonding, a small village close by, where a great many Catholic Slovaks lived. 
He changed it into a little chapel; giving it the name of Saint Mary. The people came every Sunday to say the Rosary. 
Father said Mass for them as often as possible to give them a chance to go to Confession and to receive Holy Communion. 

Warnock, (Smith Township)
(Belmont County)
Founded: 1880 Attended from Bellaire

(Guernsey County)
Founded: 1846 Became Saint Patrick’s in 1848.  Attended by Rev. Charles McCallion and Rev. Philip Foley from Saint Dominic’s. 
In 1848 mission was attended by Rev. Charles Kroemer who also took care of Saint Dominic, Saint John, Malaga and Saints Peter and Paul, Monroe County.

Washington Furnace
(Lawrence County)
Founded:  1875 Closed: 1890 This mission was attended monthly from Lick Run in 1875.  It was attended from Jackson from 1883 until 1890.

Waterford, Ave Maria (see Churchtown)
(Washington County)
Founded: 1865;  Dedicated 10/7/1867; Closed: 10/12/1919 

Watertown, Ave Maria
Founded: 1881 Closed: 1893 This mission was attended from Churchtown until 1893 when it received parish status. 
Thereafter it was listed as Lowell, Ave Maria. 

Wills Creek, Saint Joseph (See Burkhart, Saint Joseph)
(Monroe County) 


Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel Steubenville
(Jefferson County)
Founded 1946 Renovated 1973; 1986; 1988 
Chapel Closed 11/1/95