Bishop Conlon June 09

Establishment of Christ Our Light Parish,
Guernsey County, 06/01/2009


In the Year of Our Lord, 1897 the parish of St. Benedict was erected at Cambridge, Ohio; in 1905 the parish of Holy Trinity was erected at Byesville, Ohio, and in 1922 the parish of Saints Peter and Paul was erected at Lore City, Ohio.
In accordance with the directives of Canon 515, §2 Code of Canon Law I have consulted with the Presbyteral Council. I have also heard the views of the Dean, the Pastor of the parishes, and have reviewed the Parish Plan for Guernsey County and Visitation Deanery presented by that Deanery Pastoral Council.   This plan calls for the merging of three parishes in Guernsey County, for the sake of greater pastoral effectiveness and in light of the declining Catholic population and number of available priests.
I hereby decree that a new parish be established in the County of Guernsey in accord with canon 121. This new parish is to be composed of the parishioners of all the current Guernsey County parishes: St. Benedict, Cambridge, Saints Peter and Paul, Lore City, and Holy Trinity, Byesville. The current boundaries for those parishes will become the boundaries for the new parish.
I further decree that the name of the parish shall be Christ Our Light. The Epiphany of the Lord shall be designated as the parish feast day. This decree becomes effective July 1, 2009.
I further decree that the Parishes of St. Benedict, Cambridge, Holy Trinity in Byesville, and Saints Peter and Paul in Lore City shall be closed, effective July 1, 2009. All records, including sacramental and financial, are to be transferred to the newly-established Parish of Christ Our Light and are to be retained in the files there. Also, all real and personal property belonging to the three closed parishes shall pass to Christ Our Light Parish. Offerings for Mass will be satisfied by the pastor of Christ Our Light Parish within one year or transferred by him to other priests, as needed.
I further decree that according to canon 1222, §2 and in accord with the above-cited consultation, effective on July 1, 2009, that the church building of Holy Trinity shall be secularized and no longer be used for sacred worship.
Given at Steubenville, Ohio this first day of June in the year 2009:
                                                                              Bishop of Steubenville
       Chancellor of Steubenville