Bishop Conlon March 10



From Bishop R. Daniel Conlon
Diocese of Steubenville
March 18, 2010 

The drive to pass health care legislation is heating up in Washington. So is the debate over whether the legislation will provide tax funding for abortions.
The Catholic bishops of our country are comfortable that the bill passed some months ago in the House of Representatives is acceptable. That is because it incorporates measures that have been in place for many years prohibiting the use of tax dollars for abortions. These same safeguards are not contained in the measure passed by the Senate.
It is the Senate bill, however, that the House is now being asked to adopt.
Despite the clear position of the bishops, the Catholic Health Association of the United States and a group of Catholic sisters have recently announced their support for the Senate bill. Their decision is causing confusion among average Catholics and even legislators.
The U.S. bishops strongly support comprehensive health care reform, especially one that benefits those people who have no access to health care. But legislation that actually or potentially allocates our tax dollars for the destruction of innocent human beings is neither reform nor health care. Our nation can have a good health care program without creating any additional risk to children in the womb.