Bishop Conlon Calls April 10

Bishop Conlon Calls for Prayers

STEUBENVILLE — In recent weeks, the Catholic Church has been faced with a barrage of stories dealing with alleged clerical sex
abuse of minors. In response, Bishop R. Daniel Conlon offers pastoral encouragement, especially to people in the Diocese of
The matter, Bishop Conlon acknowledged, is very serious. Such abuse is a terrible crime, a sin for which there is no excuse, he
said. Yet, he reminded that the 2,000-year-old- church is a work of God and does the work of God. At the same time, he stressed
the great strides that have been made, particularly in the U.S. in dealing with abuse of children and young people.
The Diocese of Steubenville has a recently revised “Decree on Child Protection,” which details policies, procedures and
recommendations and has resulted in the training of hundreds of paid staff and volunteers. Everyone is encouraged by Bishop
Conlon to continue to pray, especially for victims of abuse.
Any victim harmed by a priest or anyone serving on behalf of the church is encouraged to come forward to the diocese and secular
authorities. Msgr. Kurt H. Kemo, vicar general, can be reached at , or