Holy Name Cathedral RRR

Fifth Street Closes to Make Way for a Piazza and Continued Work on the Renovation, Restoration, and Renewal of Holy Name Cathedral


A new cul-de-sac caps 5th Street off now, making way for what will eventually be a beautiful pedestrian piazza in front of the renewed Holy Name Cathedral.
Many interior appointments from the Cathedral have gone out for refinishing and renewal as well, and are in the hands of liturgical artists who will be restoring them to even better versions of their original selves.  
You will soon see more details on the beautiful restoration and renovation that is currently in the final planning stages.  Please come back and visit us here to get updates, and hop over to our Facebook page for more news on a weekly basis!  (Find our Facebook page HERE.


How often do you get a chance to be a part of rebuilding a Cathedral?  

Join us in renewing Holy Name Cathedral!  Contribute or pledge now--all donations small and large are welcome!

You can either send them to: 

Holy Name Cathedral Renovation
Diocese of Steubenville
PO Box 969
Steubenville, OH 43952-5969

OR you can also make payments online at:


God will reward you for your generosity.

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