MAP - Parish Stewardship Series



Welcome to the resource page for the Parish Stewardship Series!  

You will find recordings to the Parish Stewardship Series webinars here, copies of the slides that were presented, AND all of the handouts that we referenced during the webinars.  Check back here often, as I will be updating this page with additional resources.  Explore, and please feel free to contact me at ANYTIME if you have questions or would like me to come to meet with you or your team.  My cell is (740)317-5678, and my email is  (Sr. Mary Brigid Callan, Director of Stewardship and Development)



All of the Parish Stewardship webinars were recorded and are available at the links below.  All require a brief registration, and then you’re in!  Please feel free to forward these links to whomever you’d like for viewing:

Webinar 1—The Focus of Stewardship:

Webinar 2--The 4 Pillars and 3 T's of Stewardship: ** 

Webinar 3--Implementing Stewardship Efforts in Your Parish




Webinar 1:  Focus on Stewardship (click on links below for resources)

Focus on Stewardship webinar slides

Focus on Stewardship document

Role of the Pastor

25 Questions abridged


Webinar 2 :  4 P's and 3 T's (click on links below for resources)

The 4 P's and 3 T's of Stewardship Slides


Webinar 3: Implementing Stewardship Efforts in Your Parish

Implementing Stewardship Efforts in Your Parish Slides 

Annual Plan document

Annual hospitality and community-building plan document

Commissioning Sunday document

Ministry Fair Form

Lay Witness Manual

Responsibilities of the Committee document

Sample Stewardship Calendar

Sample commitment card

Pastor Stewardship letter samples

Parish Annual Report sample

Stewardship and hospitality in a small parish

Timetable for Conducting a Stewardship Effort


Parish MAP Team Training Webinar

Parish MAP Analysis Form

Parish MAP Timeline

MAP Parishioner Survey Process

MAP Parish Training Power Point Presentation

MAP BookMark

Parishioner Map Survey Steubenville