Bishop Jeffrey M Monforton  
Vicar General
Rev James M Dunfee  
Bishop's Executive Assistant
Mr James G Piazza  
Episcopal Vicar
Very Rev Thomas A Chillog M Div  
Mrs Linda A Nichols (Chancellor)  
Mrs Debbie Cook (Receptionist)  
Church Law
Very Rev William D Cross JCL (Judicial Vicar)  
Most Reverend Gilbert I Sheldon DD D Min (Judge of the First and Second Instance)  
Very Rev Thomas A Chillog M Div (Auditor & Defender of the Bond)  
Rev Daniel Heusel JCL (Defender of the Bond & Ecclesiastical Notary)  
Miss Colleen A Bahen (Director Notary Secretary Ecclesiastical Notary)  
Civil Law
Mr Thomas S Wilson Esq  
Buildings and Property
Mr James Piazza (Director)  
Christian Formation and School
Mr Paul D Ward (Director)  
Lisa Pizzoferrato (Secretary)  
Emmanuel Ambrose (Catechetical Consultant)  
Mr Dino Orsatti (Director)  
Diaconate Ministry
Deacon Mark Erste (Director of Diaconal Ministries)  
Deacon Richard Adams (Director of Diaconate Formation)  
Diocesan Parish Share Campaign
Mr Martin B Thompson (Associate Director)  
Catholic Charities and Social Concerns
Ms Michele Santin (Director)  
Ms Ruth Ann Turner (Secretary)
Marriage Family and Respect Life
Mr Joseph Schmidt (Director)
Msgr Kurt H Kemo JCL VG (Financial Officer)  
Mr Patrick Henry (CFO)  
Mrs Angela Ariemiea (Bookkeeper)  
Human Resources
Mr James G Piazza (Director)
Shannon Minch-Hughes (Assistant)  
Information & Technology Department
Mr Martin B Thompson (Director)  
Mr Anthony J Targoss (Manager)  
The Steubenville Register
Bishop Jeffrey M Monforton (Publisher)  
Mr Dino Orsatti (Editor)
Ms Janice M Ward (Circulation/Advertising/Proofreader)  
Mr Matthew DiCenzo (Staff Writer, Social Media Coordinator)  
Rev Michael Gossett (Director)  
Rev Daniel Heusel JCL (Assistant Director)  
Rev Jonas Shell (Assistant Director)  
Miss Colleen A Bahen (Secretary)