Stewardship and Development

Our goal in this office is simple: to help generate the resources necessary for us all to bring more souls to Christ.  This means that I am here to help raise resources for you and for the entire Diocese through stewardship and outreach activities, through grants, through individual donor programs, and through planned giving, just to name a few key approaches.  So let me ask you:

Do you have capital improvements that need to be made in your parish?  Do you have a new building project in mind?  Do you need assistance or guidance in how to approach your parishioners for financial support or for in-kind support?  Do you have a special event you would like help in planning?  Do you have a ministry that is faltering for lack of resources?  Several of you have already reached out for guidance and assistance in grant writing for special school projects and pending capital projects.   Please seek me out.  My email is, and my cell phone is (740)317-5678.  I’ll be traveling the diocese on a regular basis to visit you, but I’ll be pleased to come to you to meet with you and your parish’s leadership if you’d like.  I can’t do it all for you, but I sure will do it WITH you. 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


Located in the Chancery Building
Director: Sr. Mary Brigid Callan
422 Washington Street
PO Box 969
Steubenville Ohio 43952-5969
740-282-3631 Fax 740-282-3327



"So You Have a Major Project....:   The Basics of a Parish Capital Campaign" 

A capital project is new construction, building expansion, renovation, or the purchase or replacement of a facility, piece of equipment, or asset that is a long-term investment, and that will be funded on a one-time basis (or at least, not on a regularly repeating basis).  

In the document linked HERE, we discuss how to secure funds for your project.  A capital project normally means that the funds needed are over and above what can come out of the normal cash flow of the parish.  Small or not so small, you are looking at some level of a capital campaign.  

This document is meant to serve as a simple guideline for you.  It's not exhaustive, and not terribly detailed.  It is meant to give you an overview and some tips, particular for our own diocese, which hopefully you will find helpful.  

Each project and parish is unique--so don't hesitate to reach out to me at the contact information above for assistance!  I'll be happy to come for a visit to talk with you and your team, anytime.