The Coat of Arms of The Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon, D.D., J.C.D., Ph.D.

The left half of the shield displays the arms of the Diocese of Steubenville. Across the middle of this part of the shield is a band divided vertically white and blue and crossed diagonally by a band of red. These are the arms of Baron Steuben, the Revolutionary War hero for whom the city of Steubenville is named. Above this, on a field of blue, are three symbols: a heart, a rose, and a crescent moon, honoring the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the principal patroness of the diocese. Below, on a white field, are three pentecostal tongues of fire, recalling the words of Jesus: I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! (Luke 12:49) In the midst of these, on a round red background, is a golden crown of a style called celestial with IHS, the abbreviation for the name of Jesus, inscribed on it. This represents the cathedral church of the diocese, dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.

The right side of the shield displays the personal arms of Bishop Conlon. Across the middle of the shield flows a wavy band of gold, representing both the waters of baptism and the Ohio River, which connects the Bishop's native city of Cincinnati and his see city of Steubenville. Above this is a sleeping lion in gold, evoking the story of the prophet Daniel in the den of lions (Daniel 6:2-25). Below is a golden letter M, for Mary. The Bishop's home parish was St. Mary, Hyde Park, and his first assignment as a priest was to Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, both in Cincinnati. The style and placement of the M reflect the arms of Pope John Paul II, who appointed Bishop Conlon to the Diocese of Steubenville. The color red represents both the law, the Bishop being a doctor of canon law, and courage, the theme of the Bishop's motto.

Surrounding the shield, the green hat with twelve tassels and the pastoral cross are the insignia of a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. The Bishop's motto: Take courage recalls the words of the angel of God to Daniel (Daniel 10:19) and of Jesus to his disciples at the last supper (John 16:33).

Saint Mary Rectory Dohrman W. Byers

Arnheim, Ohio MMII Armorist