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Posted by Carolyn Crabtree

Q: How did God come to be? A: While a similar metaphysical question was asked some time ago in “Ask the Bishop,” let’s take a different approach to the very foundation of human and Christian life: the Eternal God.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraphs 282-285, acknowledges the intellectual curiosity ... Read More »


Posted by Carolyn Crabtree

Q: In the Apostles’ Creed, why does it say, “He descended into hell?” A: Many of us, when we were younger, learned a host of Christian prayers, one which is the Apostles’ Creed. The Catechism of the Catholic Church outlines quite well what we mean when we recite the ... Read More »


Posted by Carolyn Crabtree

Q: If Jesus was on this earth today, what do you think would be different about today’s society? 

A: While I know that while you are framing your question around the contrast between Jesus’ walking the earth in human form 2 millennia ago and our carrying on the mission ... Read More »


Posted by Carolyn Crabtree

Q: Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross during Mass?

A: When we “make the sign of the cross” in church we are providing an outward sign of our profession of faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. While we make ... Read More »


Posted by Carolyn Crabtree

Q: Can a mortal sin be forgiven?

A: As we are in the midst of the Easter season, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, this is an appropriate question to begin our monthly “Ask the Bishop.” Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Holy Week and were instructed by the Scripture readings ... Read More »


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Q: Why do the cross and statues get covered before Good Friday and Holy Week?                                    

A:This is a very good question, and it may be on the minds of many people after ... Read More »


Posted by Alyson Radford


 Q: In the Bible – Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 8 – it says, “When they heard the sound of the LORD walking about the garden. ...” My question is, back then, could God walk the earth like a human?

                  ... Read More »


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    Q: What is your favorite part of the Mass and why?

   A: It seems to me that most people have a favorite part of the Mass, whether we are speaking about the music, the homily (yes, that can be a favorite part of the Mass) or ... Read More »


Posted by Alyson Radford


Q: Why was Jesus a descendant of Judah, instead of Joseph or Reuben? 


    A: It seems each one of us wishes to explore our own ancestry in order to ascertain a few things about ourselves. Our ancestry most certainly provides us an understanding of our own ... Read More »


Posted by Alyson Radford

Q: Why does God sound so stern in the Old Testament, but Jesus is so kind, loving and caring?

    A: Many who are familiar with the Old Testament stories from the Book of Genesis through the prophets, prior to the birth of John the Baptist, recognize that time and time ... Read More »