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Posted by Mr. Joseph Taylor

Q: Why is the Catholic faith so strict about Lent?

A: This is a very timely question for next month we will begin the Lenten season with Ash Wednesday. Our faith teaches us that the season of Lent is meant to be the primary penitential season, for we imitate ... Read More »


Posted by Mr. Joseph Taylor

Q: Why are Catholic churches so big? Why do Catholic priests wear different robes and vestments?

A: It seems fine to answer two questions as one, because the answers complement each other. When you and I come together into a church building, we join our brothers and sisters in ... Read More »


Posted by Mr. Joseph Taylor

Q: If God was with us all the time, why do we feel sad or get hurt when we think we are on the road to heaven?

A: You are right in saying that God is with us all the time. Unfortunately for ourselves, we don’t always pay attention ... Read More »


Posted by Mr. Joseph Taylor

Q: What is your explanation on how God was created?

A: God is eternal. In other words, God is the one who does the creating. The Book of Genesis instructs us that God created time and the universe in which we live.  Of course, as people who measure what ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q: Why did God make Moses and the Israelites wander for 40 long years?   A: This is a very good question, for if you look at the map of the Holy Land, the shortest distance from Egypt to the Promised Land of Israel should not take 40 years, even ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q: Do scapulars actually keep you from hell?A: From what I have read, scapulars began with the Benedictine Order and were eventually adopted by other religious communities. Even now we have men and women who are not members of professed or consecrated communities wearing scapulars as well.The scapular is a ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q: How old should you be to receive Confirmation?A: That is a very good question, because the age of reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation varies from diocese to diocese. Still, our Church law instructs that Confirmation is to be received at the age of discretion. In other words, about ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q:Why is the dove a symbol of the Holy Spirit?A: The Bible is very instructive regarding the various symbols of our faith. For one, we are familiar with the descent of the dove upon Jesus at his baptism in the Jordan River. God the Holy Spirit, in the form ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q: Why is the Catholic Bible so different from any other Bible?A: This is a very good question, for we are quite aware either by visiting a bookstore or “surfing the Net” that there are many translations of Sacred Scripture in the market, not to mention there are many English ... Read More »


Posted by Ashley Mazurek

Q: Why are priests not allowed to marry?A: This is a common question. For me to respond, “That’s just how it is” would be an insult to your intelligence. The Catholic priest stands out in our society, and for good reason: He is in the person of Jesus Christ in a ... Read More »