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Living the Gospel with Passion

Posted by Bishop Jeffrey Monforton on 11/14/17

Yesterday we reflected on the challenges of our time and the role of religion to assist our civil authorities to address immigration and racism. The common denominator for both is the need to respect the human dignity of each and every person. Over two hours of engaging conversation for ... Read More »

The Centenary

Posted by Bishop Jeffrey Monforton on 11/13/17

What do you give for a hundredth birthday? As a bishop from a small rural diocese I contend that any fitting material gift is well beyond my pay grade. Presence and prayers certainly suffice.

This centenary celebration of the Conference of Catholic of Catholic Bishops in the United States ... Read More »

Cold travels but no need for a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer

Posted by Bishop Jeffrey Monforton on 11/11/17

Light snow accompanied my 5-hour journey across the the beautiful hinterlands separating the Midwest from the East Coast. How fitting since Christmas decorations have been in stores for weeks.

First arrivals of bishops were in the hotel lobby, many of us present for committee and subcommittee meetings these first ... Read More »