Marriage, Family and Respect Life: Chasity and Sexual Purity

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"Being a Christian is not just about following commandments: it is about letting Christ take possession of our lives and transform them.” 


- Pope Francis         

Bishops’ Statements




The following websites provide information, help, and guidance in resisting pornography.
NOTE: These sites are not affiliated with the Diocese of Steubenville. We provide this information solely for your information. We are not responsible for, nor do we endorse, their policies, the views they express, the products and services they offer, or the content of their materials or websites.


Catholic Websites... 

Bought with a Price The Porn Effect Fathers for Good
 Bought with a Price
The Porn Effect
Fathers for Good

Christian Websites...

Focu National Center for Sexual Exploitation She's Someone's Daughter
Focus on the Family
National Center
on Sexual Exploitation
She's Somebody's Daughter

Secular Websites...

The Social Costs of Pornography Fight the New Drug  
The Social Costs of Pornography
Fight the New Drug


Internet filters, Accountability Software, and Media Safety

Covenant Eyes Safe Eyes i-SAFE
Covenant Eyes
Safe Eyes
Cyber Tipline 06cy68ofuha704rqh0lqrbgotbl.jpg Net Nanny
Report an Obscenity
Protect Young Minds
Net Nanny




Educational Resources for Parents
  • A number of resources for parents are available on our Safe Environment page. In addition to personal safety, these resources address internet and media safety as well.


Recommended Articles



Human Trafficking

For more information about human trafficking, please visit this page.


Domestic Violence

"Violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified. Violence in any form-physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal is sinful; often, it is a crime as well" (U.S Catholic Bishops, When I Call for Help, 2002)
Click here for information and resources about Domestic Violence.