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Join the Diocese on our 9 Day Pilgrimage of a lifetime to World Youth Day in Panama. The Diocese and Dube Travel are partnering together for this encounter with the universal Church and our Lord. Our delegation will join youth and young adults, ages 16-30, from across the globe for this opportunity to connect and grow deeper in faith, as we celebrate.

Although 2019 seems like a long way away, the time to start planning and saving is now! Registration is now open, and spaces are limited. If you would like to apply for this pilgrimage, please click the APPLY button at the bottom of the page and fill out all the information electronically before printing and signing the application.


 Space is limited on this incredible itinerary
There is a limited amount of space available due to the size restrictions of our buses and hotel space.

On this page you will find information, links to relevant sites, pictures from past WYD trips and hopefully the inspiration to join us!  


Why attend World Youth Day?  It is expensive and far away.  Why go through the trouble? 

Yes is it far away and expensive.  As those of us who are pilgrims will remind each other many times: "It is a pilgrimage, not a vacation!" Pilgrimages entail sacrifice.  But it is also an opportunity of a lifetime to experience - and not just read about - the universal nature of our Church.  There is nothing that compares to praying and celebrating with hundreds of thousands of young people from around the globe who are all excited about their faith.  There is nothing that compares with being in a city during the week of World Youth Day and to experience the joy of living your faith out loud and sing and pray and not feel out of place.  For young people of our diocese that have experienced a Franciscan University Steubenville Youth Conference: It is Steubenville on Steroids!


It is also about sacrifice.  It costs something to go (and not just money!).  It is traveling with a group, dealing with standing-in-line and waiting (and there will be a lot of standing-in-line and waiting), dealing with things that don't go exactly as planned, eating unfamiliar food, not having 24/7 access to cell phones and WiFi. It is waiting for the slower folks, and putting up with cheerful morning people when you yourself are a night owl (or visa versa).  It is learning to ask for help when you need it, and to offer help when you see a fellow pilgrim in need.  It is about letting go of control and trusting that God's plan is better than what you can even imagine.  And it is about patiently waiting to see what Jesus wants to show you. 


It is about vocation.  Trusting in God enough to go on pilgrimage, and then experiencing the joy that is World Youth Day, opens your heart and mind to be able to hear God's call and not be afraid of it.  Whether to follow God's call to priesthood, married life, an intentional single life of service or consecrated life, all vocations require an openness and trust to follow Christ where he leads and a willingness to give of yourself and not to count the cost.  Many young people credit World Youth Day as being one of the life events where they encountered the love the Christ in such a way that they could risk to follow him and become who they were created to be.


It is about becoming intentional disciples:  Most young people come back from their World Youth Day experience with a stronger commitment to their faith and to following Jesus Christ in his Church.  Many World Youth Day pilgrims become more active in their parishes, taking leadership roles, and sharing their experiences with others. 


It is about meeting the Pope.  It is an encounter with the Vicar of Christ, to hear what he has to say and to be encouraged in our faith by him. The theme of the 15th World Youth Day in 2019 will be “I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38) 


Join us. If you are going to be 16 or older in January 2019 and interested in joining the our diocesan pilgrimage to WYD2019, there is still room.  


Fundraising. To enable this pilgrimage we need financial help!  If you would like to help our pilgrims financially afford to attend World Youth Day, there will be various fundraisers over the next two years or simply send a check made payable to “Diocese of Steubenville” with “WYD” in the memo, for any amount you can afford, to Alyson Radford, 422 Washington St, Steubenville, OH 43952.


Prayers: Please keep our WYD pilgrims and those considering joining the group in your prayers.  And if you have any special intentions that you would like us to pray for, please email them to Alyson at and they will be forwarded to the pilgrims so they can pray for you. Thank you.


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